Film selection


Zermatt to Verbier


Length: 20 minutes

Director: Becky Robertson

This incredible adventure follows the tracks of the mythical 'Patrouille des Glaciers' race, across the high alpine traverse linking Zermatt to Verbier. Along the way, this team of freeriders, composed of Samuel Anthamatten, Anna Smoothy, Elisabeth Gerritzen et Yann Rauris, discover a unique alpine history and ski some of the most impressive peaks in the Alps. Featuring some of the craziest ski drone shots we have ever seen!

Katherine's Marathon


Length: 26 minutes

Director: Nicolas Falquet

Girl power! While the level of difficulty in modern climbing is constantly increasing, the gap between men and women is narrowing down. The Swiss climber Katherine Choong proved it when she completed a 9A route. Reaching this rating is quite an achievement, but repeating this feat is even more difficult. Her goal is the "Jungfraumarathon", a route in the Bernese Alps. No matter how long it takes to complete this extraordinary achievement, she transforms frustration into patience, failure into solution but moreover, dreams into reality.

The Ghosts above


Length : 37 minutes

Director : Renan Ozturk

Everest and its history have always fascinated mountaineers all over the world. However, a mystery still remains: who was the first to reach its summit? George Mallory and his companion Sandy Irvine (whose body and camera have never been found) or Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay? In 2019, a National Geographic expedition tried to climb Everest to search for Irvine’s body and try to solve the mystery… Renan Ozturk, photographer and filmmaker on this climb, brings back amazing footage from Everest, capturing both its beauty and its dark spell… A moving film that will shake you up for sure!



Length : 15 minutes

Director: Coline Ballet Baz

A 100% feminine ski film featuring 10 professional skiers who share values of freedom, creativity, and friendship which never cease to thrill them. A beautiful journey from France to Switzerland via Canada, for our greatest viewing pleasure!



Length : 30 minutes

Director : Jérémie Chenal

In the Himalayas, a French mountaineering team is attempting the ascent of the North Pillar of Chamlang, a 7000-meter high mountain in Nepal. Armed with strong motivation and alpine style minimal equipment, they will have to face the raw power of this massive mountain. With a light and ethical approach, a distant base camp, how will they adapt their strategy on this much-coveted summit yet rarely visited?

Himalaya, one step beyond


Length : 53 minutes

Director : Eliott Schonfeld

Set off in the company of explorer Eliott Schonfeld and his horse named Robert to traverse the Himalayan range. 4 months and more than 2,000 km far off the beaten track, through magnificent but hostile landscapes. His path leads him through wide valleys and challenging glaciers but also to incredible encounters with the last nomads of the planet. Along the way to reach material autonomy, this young adventurer will have to go beyond his limits to overcome this "march of decline". A daring gamble and above all a funny and touching film that leads us to rethink our own path to adventure.

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